No more parts obselesence issues.
Correct design errors simply.
Eliminates design iteration costs.
Customised Design service available.

Carrera design and manufacture a range of chip and connector adapters. Part obselesense doesn't mean you have to redesign your existing PCBs; keep your existing design and avoid unecessary tooling costs by utilising one of our adapters. Mistakes also happen and are often discovered too late in the project to fix them. We can often design and supply an adapter to fix the problem far quicker and cheaper than another design iteration.

We offer standard ranges of chip adapters that convert between through-hole and SMD packages with 1:1 pin mappings and provision for local bypass capacitor(s). We can supply either the bare adapter or the assembled product if required.

We also offer a bespoke range which offers customised adapters for conversion between ANY two (or more) package types. Just specify the the package types and the required pin mapping and we will do the rest. You can optionally specify additional components (decoupling capacitors, pull-up resistors etc) to be added to the adapter as required. Again, we can supply either the bare adapter or the assembled product.

To compliment our range of IC adaptprs we also offer a range of standard and bespoke connector adapters. Our bespoke range allows you to specify both the connector type(s) and the pin mapping of each connector. We normally supply these adapters using rigid PCB materials but we can also supply them in flexible format which allows for even greater connection possibilites.

We also offer a range of substrate materials so that the mechanical and electrical properties of our adapters match that of the original PCB.

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Standard Adapter range.

Customised Adaptor
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