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Designed for Manufacture.

Carrera specialise in the design of printed circuit boards.

Board design is a multi-disipline task that requires sound electronic knowledge along with good mechanical and draughting skills. It's not just about design either, a good awareness of the manufacturing and assembly processes are also required to avoid costly manufacturing problems. We are very pro-active and are able to guide and advise on all aspects of board layout.

Our design team have many years experience in the design of all types of board allied with a direct involvement in both our PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities. We have experience working with industrial, domestic, medical, military and automotive designs from simple single-sided construction through to complex multilayer flex-rigid types.

We use the latest fully licensed software tools from a number of CAD vendors. These high-end tools allow for more than just PCB layout. We can simulate circuit performance and investigate any potential EMC issues prior to board manufacture. We are also able to integrate our fully modelled layouts with customers MCAD packages, a vitally important factor in today's product packaging.

We provide a full package of data with every design including schematics, bill of materials, 3D board models as standard. We can also offer IPC and ODB+ outputs for seamless integration to the manufacturing and assembly processes.

Our pricing is very competitive, we don't charge premiums for a fast turnaround. Our normal turnaround for most designs is just 5-10 days. We can work at your premises or you are very welcome to visit us during the design process.

Call us now for an instant quotation or to discuss your PCB design requirements.

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