Fast, Reliable, Cost-effective service using the latest CAD tools

Board layout is a multi-discipline task that requires sound electronics knowledge, good mechanical and draughting skills, along with a thorough knowledge of both the PCB manufacturing and Assembly processes. All whilst keeping abreast of the latest industry trends.
Our designers have many years of experience in the layout of all types of circuit board, from simple single-layer designs through to complex multi-layer flex-rigid types. We also have in-depth knowledge of eelctronics and the requirements for Analogue, RF and High speed digital BUS circuitry. Using the latest tools we are able to simulate the layout with regard to potential EMC issues and crosstalk and to rectify any problems before board manufacture begins.
We use the very latest CAD tools with extensive Design Rule checking features to ensure your layout is right first time. Close integration with mechanical CAD systems ensures there are no nasty surprises when it comes to the final assembly.
All our designs come with an extensive documentation package as standard, along with all necessary manufacturing files, at very competitive prices.
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