All types of PCB Manufactured.
Rapid Prototypes from 24 Hours.
Low Cost Panelisation Service.

Carrera can satisfy all of your Printed Circuit Board requirements from simple single-sided PCBs through to complex multilayer and flex-rigid construction. We offer a wide range of base materials and surface finishes.

We have many years experience of in-house manufacturing and can offer advice on all aspects of the manufacturing process and how to ensure that you get the best yield by optimising your board design prior to manfacture.

Our sophisticated panelisation tools can check and verify your design data, either removing or warning of design issues that will lead to potential manufacturing problems. We can also undertake design changes via our Artwork service.

We offer a panelisation service whereby we can combine several designs onto a single manufacturing panel reducing costs to a mimimum. Panels can be arranged to suit individual requirements. We can add any special tooling requirements life Fiducials and locating Holes.

We offer an Artwork generation and regeneration service. Lost your design data? No problem, Carrera can cost-effectively restore or replace your design data from hand-taped artworks, bare boards or prints.

Call us now on 01903 260586 for an instant quotation or fill out our Quotation form.

Chinese Board Manufacturers - Please Read: We DO NOT purchase boards from China nor are we interested in getting pricing or submitting data to you. Please DO NOT contact us or send us your details. We ONLY manufacture in the UK.

Carrera Can supply all of your printed circuit requirements:

  • Low Cost Single Side PCBs
  • PTH Double sided PCBs
  • Multilayer PCBs 4-16 lyrs.
  • Flexible Circuits.
  • Flex Rigid PCBs.
  • Advanced CAM Tools
  • Panelsation and Tooling.
  • Artwork regeneration.
  • Gerber RS274X and ODB++
  • Reverse Engineering.
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